Finding Speciality Auto Insurance for Less

Normal auto insurance isn’t for every vehicle. If you have a special car, you need special auto insurance to match. Learn your vehicle insurance needs and how to meet them below.


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Insuring a classic vehicle and other specialty vehicles is often thought of as unnecessary by many. In reality, it might be even more important than insuring a regular automobile. Many classic cars, street cars, antique vehicles, and customs are actually worth more than most other vehicles. If they are crashed, they can be unbelievably expensive to repair and sometimes nigh on impossible to replace.

In those cases, specialty auto insurance will make sure that you at least get something back, even if your vehicle will never be the same.

Anyone who owns a specialty vehicle knows it is not like any other. It’s not just a car. It has a history. It is made of your time and effort and blood, sweat, and tears. Even when regular auto insurance seems expensive, we have to realize that, as a specialty vehicle owner, you have even greater needs; whatever you need to pay for specialty auto insurance is worth it.


There are companies that specialize in insurance for bikes, classic cars, hot rods, and more. However, there is no guarantee they will be any cheaper, though the agents will be better acquainted with your needs.

Many auto insurance companies offer specialty auto insurance for very good prices, though these vary so much that you will definitely have to compare plenty of quotes to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Start by contacting the online auto insurance companies we have listed and seeing what they can offer you.


Actual Cash Value – This is similar to normal auto insurance. It insures the depreciated-over-time value of your vehicle. You will have to show the work you’ve done on the vehicle to get the actual value insured.

Stated Value – You can inform the auto insurance provider of the real worth of your specialty vehicle and they agree to cover you for that amount. Appraisals and records of vehicle history are typically required.

Agreed Value – The auto insurance company is meant to cover you in case you suffer a total loss. You can automatically continue the policy with increasing value, though inspections and documentation are always needed.

Getting Better Online Auto Insurance Quotes with Theft Prevention Devices

If you live in an area where high crime is a problem, especially auto theft, your insurance rates may reflect that fact. Insurance premiums are affected by location and can cost more in some areas of the country than in others. One way you can reduce the impact is by installing anti-theft devices to deter criminals from selecting your car.


One of the best devices you can purchase to protect your car from theft is the steering-wheel lock. This product goes over the wheel and locks it into place so that it cannot move. It is an affordable way to prevent thieves from stealing your car.

A kill switch disables portions of the vehicle’s electrical system. Some of the newer models already have this feature built into the car’s system. Even for those that don’t have it, it is relatively easy to install. However, you will need to check with your car’s warranty to ensure you are not voiding it.

Hood locks also protect your car from having parts stolen for sale. Tire locks provide the same protection for your wheels. However, they can be a nuisance to dismantle if you use your car every day. Alarms are always a good option since they draw attention from people in the area. You may want to combine them with a hood lock to prevent the thief from unplugging the alarm from the battery.

A vehicle tracking system won’t prevent your car from getting stolen but it will let you know where it is so that law enforcement can find it and return it. OnStar is perhaps the best known of these systems and can alert the police to the car’s whereabouts. LoJack is another company that works with law enforcement to protect your car. It activates once the car has been reported as stolen and increases the likelihood that your car will be found while still in one piece.

All of these devices can lower the prices on your auto insurance quotes. Mention them to your insurance agent or list them when obtaining online quotes.


While it may not make much difference with your online auto insurance quotes, using common sense is the best deterrent from theft. Be aware of where you park and always lock your car. When you park in a public place, find a spot close to parking lot lights to deter thieves. Never leave anything of value in plain sight in your car. Do not leave your car running even in your driveway as this makes it easy for a thief to jump in and take off with your car.

Theft prevention devices can cost money, but they can save you in the long run if it prevents a thief from picking your car. They may also lower your insurance premiums and pay for themselves quickly.

Buy Good Tires to Lower Your Auto Insurance Quotes

You may be surprised to hear that tires can affect your auto insurance quotes, but it is a fact simply because they affect your driving. Tires have a direct impact on how well you control your car in the event of bad weather or collision. If you want to reduce your insurance premiums, you need to have a clean driving record with no accidents or claims against you.


The best way to understand the benefits of spending the money to buy good quality tires is to understand the hazards of buying cheap tires. Perhaps the most significant impact is the increase in the likelihood of a blowout with a cheap tire. When you are moving along on the interstate at high speeds, you are more apt to lose control of your vehicle and swerve into oncoming traffic with a flat tire.

Quality tires also prevent other damage to your car, which can cause accidents. Bad tires translate into steering and suspension issues that can lead to other damage. When tires get major wear on the tread, it can be difficult to stop quickly, leading to rear-end collisions. If you try to prevent a collision, you can end up rolling your car into the ditch or down an embankment. This can cause injuries as well as damage to the car.


Besides buying good quality tires, you need to consider the right tires for the weather. Many areas use all-weather tires, but some locations need special winter tires that can handle snow and ice. Poor road conditions can increase the danger of having an accident if you should lose control of your vehicle. One way to help prevent that is to buy tires that are built to handle all types of road conditions.

While tires may not translate directly into saving money on auto insurance quotes, they can prevent accidents that mar your record. Once you have an accident, you will notice that your insurance premiums often go up at the next renewal. This only gets worse if you have multiple accidents. To lessen the risk of having an at-fault accident, you need to keep your car in the best shape possible. This includes buying good tires for the best performance.

You can ask your mechanic about choosing the correct size and style of tire for your vehicle. It is essential that you put tires made for your type of auto on your car rather than using a cheap option. Cars are made to perform best with the correct tire for their body.

You will notice that your online auto insurance quotes look much better if you keep your claims to a minimum. Keeping your car in excellent working order is one way to lessen the risk of accidents and tires are a big part of that.

Online Auto Insurance – Why do We Need It?

A lot of people tend to ask the same question: why do we need auto insurance? Well, despite the obvious fact that you are legally required to do that in most states of the US unless you don’t want to have problems with the law, there are additional reasons for getting online auto insurance. After all, it was made mandatory not just because the insurance companies wanted so. Otherwise we would have all types of insurance imposed by law. So what are the reasons for auto insurance to be mandatory and why you need it at all?

If you have ever used auto insurance coverage you know exactly why everyone should get it. It’s really that obvious when you actually use it. When your car is insured you can always rest assured that any accidents that happen while you’re behind the wheel won’t lead to any court action and won’t considerably affect your financial situation. Normally there can be tens of thousands of dollars involved in an average accident in the form of repair and medical costs. And if you have caused it you would normally have to pay for the expenses out of own pocket. That’s when auto insurance kicks in – it settles all the payments to a maximum level you have to choose when buying a policy. And you can have even other situations covered under auto insurance such as fire, theft, riots, storms and other forms of damage not resulting from traffic accidents, if you buy a respective type of coverage.

It’s much easier both for the authorities and the drivers to have mandatory auto insurance. Just imagine a situation where you’d have to settle accident claims through other means such as courts. It would take a lot more time and cost you times more just to settle a single dispute after a minor hit and who knows, maybe the other party would wand to file an appeal if they feel that the decision is wrong. It would be a nightmare for drivers so in order to make things much easier to settle auto insurance was made mandatory is a means of regulating disputable situations on the road.

Sure, some of you may never use auto insurance and will still have to pay their regular premiums just to have the policy valid. But it’s one of those situations when it’s better to have something and not use it rather than not have it when you really need it.

Auto Insurance Quotes and Credit Score

There are many things that will affect your online auto insurance quotes. Starting with your car’s engine volume to your place of residence, insurance companies use your personal information to determine how much of a risk you are as a car owner and how much you should be charged respectively. But among all the factors that affect your rates there’s one that seems to be out of place and may cause some people to contemplate about privacy invasion. We are talking about credit scores.

Yes, that’s right, insurance providers use the customer’s credit score when calculating a person’s auto insurance quotes. Even if you aren’t asked to provide such information while quoting the insurance company will still get the necessary data. How? By simply inquiring with the credit bureau. And if you think that’s illegal you may be disappointed because the insurance companies have the permission to inquire about a person’s credit rating without disclosing this information to third parties. But why do they do it in the first place?

It may look like there’s no connection between a person’s credit score and the risk they pose while behind the wheel. However, it was statistically proven that people with poor credit rating tend to file insurance claims more often than people with good scores. And because of such a direct link insurance companies use credit score as one of the main factors determining a person’s insurance rates. The weight of this factor varies from company to company and at some insurers it may be insignificant while at others it can seriously affect the person’s insurance costs. There are also certain companies that don’t use credit score when calculating rates, still the majority does.

But is there any way you can save money on auto insurance with the use of credit rating? As said before, the better the score the lower are the rates charged by the insurance company. So it would be evident to suggest that by improving your current credit rating you can lower your premiums. If you already have a good score your rates will always be more competitive than people with lower scores have. And if your score isn’t as good as you would wish it was there are different ways to improve it. Start with getting a credit report and analyzing it. You may want to address a financial specialist in order to get professional help with your report.

There are usually different things that can be improved in the report and once you take all the measures your online auto insurance quotes will start getting lower every time you get them.

Basics of Auto Insurance

Online auto insurance may seem like a confusing and complex topic for someone who never used this service. If you’re novice to the whole concept of auto insurance this can certainly be a bit hard since you’re also under pressure of driving your first car. But don’t worry, since auto insurance isn’t that hard to comprehend. You only have to learn the basics of it and the rest will be much easier to understand and won’t cause any confusion. So what are the essential things you have to learn when buying your first auto insurance policy?


Coverage is what you get with your policy when buying it. There are many different types of coverage that you can include to your policy, each designed for covering specific situations. However, there’s only one type of coverage that is actually mandatory according to law – third party liability, which pays out to the other party involved in an accident in case you were at fault. All other coverage types are optional and you can include or exclude them as you wish. Just keep in mind that the more coverage you get the more expensive your policy will be.


Premiums are the periodic payments you have to make to keep your policy valid. Premiums are mostly determined by the amount of coverage you choose to get as well as many other factors such as the car make and model you drive, your place of residence, age, sex, education, driving record, credit score and many others. Premiums are usually paid once a year when renewal date comes and may range significantly from company to company and depending on your current coverage set.


Deductible is the amount of money to be paid out of own pocket before the coverage starts to apply. It is usually set to a very low level such as $100 or $250 and intended to protect the company from minor claims. However, if you set the amount of deductible higher your premiums will decrease since there will be a lower probability for the company to receive a claim form you. Only make sure to set a reasonable amount since there’s no sense in having an auto insurance policy that’s forcing you to cover all the damage out of own pocket.


Online auto insurance quotes serve the role of price tags in the domain of insurance. The only difference is that each quote is calculated for a particular customer based on different factors. Auto insurance quotes are essential for effective comparison shopping because they allow you to learn the cost of the policy before buying it. By comparing auto insurance quotes you can find a competitively priced policy because all companies tend to use different methods for calculating their premiums and you will hardly find two identically priced policies from two different companies.